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                      DJ Donna Summer - Hard Edits 2010

     Artist: DJ Donna Summer
     Album:  Hard Edits 2010
     Year:   2013

     Genre       : Hardstyle, Dubstep, Breaks, Rave
     Source      : WEB
     Label       : Cock Rock Disco
     Catalognr   : Crockp3-037
     Tracks      : 10
     Playtime    : 42:28 min
     Size        : 97,44 MB
     Quality     : 320kbps
     Date        : 03.14.2013
     Supplier    : n/a
     Url         :

     Another banging FREE release from DJ Donna Summer @ Cock Rock Disco !!!

     About 2 years ago everyone was taking disco songs and started adding like
     a kick and a high-hat and calling them edits. I never saw the point of 
     these, as it basically took good music and made it less interesting.

     But at the same time I liked the idea and figured, "shit, let's just apply
     this to something else, and make it better and harder" - and thus:
     the Hard Edit was born. 

     The initial idea was to take the brilliance of Hardstyle tracks and make
     them fit my style a bit more by adding more breaks and club elements. 
     What happened instead, was that these simple edits became almost 
     completely different songs, with many new elements (or even multiple
     tracks) twisting these into a new songs. But still, most of the melodies
     are from the originals, so they aren't really "mine" after all - but they
     definitely belong to me! An unusual twist, huh…

     So here's the sample list. If I missed something, sorry bout that. You'll
     also notice I didn't exactly go crazy on song titles. haha.

_________________________________[ Tracklist ]________________________________

     01.Intro                                                      [02:46]
        24 tracks edited into an extremely long and utterly over the top intro
     02.Bionicle                                                   [04:09]
        Ivan Carsten "Jump The Vision"
     03.Jump                                                       [04:31]
        Zatox  Feat. nikkita - Raw Style
        DJ Nasty - Up And Down
     04.Nasty Zatox                                                [04:16]
        Ramadanman - Work Them
        Funtcase - Fuuuuk
     05.Work Them Bro                                              [02:49]
        Dj Doc - Children of good NRG
     06.DJ God                                                     [04:33]
        Bloweapon and Toneshifterz - Worlds Collide
        Get retarded (Dunno, prob on Databass ?)
     07.We Came Here To Have A Freaky Party                        [04:59]
        Fusion Allstars - The Next Level
     08.Fusion Allstars                                            [02:59]
        Toneshiftersz Meets Nitrouz - Origins Of Life
     09.Origins Of Life                                            [05:44]
        Mutated Forms - Doubts Sour
        Slim Shore and B-Front - Scary Noises
     10.Mutated Doubles                                            [05:42]
        The r3bels - Bionicle

                                                                    42:28 min
                                                                    97,44 MB

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Comments ( 6 )

i dunno, it's like Hard With Monkeys, but 1000 times less creative and funny, and where HWM did things shitty on purpose, here it's just... unprofessional? i know, it wasn't meant to be serious, but it's not even original, DJ Hardboi did basically the same thing years ago. so, what i'm trying to say is: this whole thing is pointless


I was listening to this album thinking "but what a bunch of horrible shit"! My decision was taken to throw every parts of it away! And then I reached "Mutated doubles" which is surprisingly brilliant!! But the rest is a mere scandal!!


First off i don't know jack about the technical side of producing except for the common things.
Although my opinion from all these so-called “edits” whether hard or not is:
that it's an overkill in the “original” already 2 many of the same and usually disappoints instantly.
But as you said upfront, it’s to check up and/or get constructive replies from people all over www through
Within this spirit I say towards you; yes i do like the idea, concept & way you try to think outside of the expected and already dished up boxes, although i believe the thinking & the actually created tracks aren't equally towards eachother. Which on itselve again is only my opinion not to be taken or meant in a disrespecting kinda way. Mainly & simply cause i couldn't (& therefor didn’t) even come up with this in the first place. I also think it would be better received & so, more appreciated when the mastering was right. Like for example Ced who's opinion i share about the extrodinary Mutated Doubles track, yet it annoys me that 3 different types of basses are seamlessly heard while different in volume, dynamic etc etc which makes them say it’s scandalous or hard with monkey’s in the first place forgetting to be even a little constructive.
I herefor would strongly suggest to keep on experimenting, thinking outside of the box & even keep creating you will grow in every way as will our opinions and tastes and believes in your creational form if you only show enough willpower and don't keep an eye out for what we think or taste. As we all show we will follow mainstream therefor all becomes mainstream.
To make clear for other users: This package contains mainstream existing tracks and melodies, with indeed a extrodinary and unusual twist. I would almost define this as; breaking down the common with the uncommon ;)
Which results, for the people shortminded, closed, already liking, satisfied & used at the common a instant dislike, for the ones that are openminded and liking what they like, because they don't care about any label nor any box (the other group places releases or producers into) they will get the idea like you included before spreading it and so i say: Idea not bad at all, Elaboration could definately be better but then again i can't and will not judge that bad since no bad music exists in my believe even if 1 human likes it that defines it as not bad not great either though ;) Resulting : Keep on doing your own thing, follow your own thoughts and own feelings and keep trying to keep yourself fresh and you will stunn us some day & believe me i'm already waiting for the fresh & the stunner which we all know will come whether you or me accept it or not and the stunner must hereby except I’m still like a child play too long with the same and I will throw it away in the corner to never pick it up again unless is has to be disposed :P
Forever young, I want 2B, forever young, in mind (fresh) as my body will grow old to dust as the human soul already is centuries old. Meaning your mind is where all starts and comes from don’t ask for the answer you already are experiencing with your surrounding humans because they don’t mean jack. You make what we like and then start making fucked up n weird outside of the box thinking music and you will live as 14-3-2013 hating biatching on almost all with you asking; hey guys do you like this then ? No heck, ofcourse they don’t like anything, unless their fellow surrounding sheeple will and you should know this walking amongst us right ? :P


Yeah... Thanks for the info!

Said nobody ever.


Not a problem, i merely wanna point out for ya, that pointing you the way & showing us our tastes doesn't magically give you a talent to create the exact result we want since @ the moment you can't seem to fullfill your own mind for let's say 99,9% but there are doubts in the back of your head right ?
So accept they are there because you yourself need to judge in order to create your style, box, genre of music! There's not even 1 artist to be named or worthy to be named who hasn't let me down due to claiming they dont wanna be boxed and labeled, yet they all allow us to label them after that even blame us for boxing them while they actually do that theirselves.
My friend there are no borders needed, only in criminal law systems furthermore it's endless even as the possibilities. And if the question was meant to be asked as: if you are the new Benassi or the NC or even the return of a classic hero? I say to you no and i am very glad to hear people still fok with the beats and make stuff for at least their own mind, body & soul which will resolve in musical evolution which you can be part of eventually depending on your own willpower ! Also keep in mind you're fighting against a totally boxed & labeled system filled with followers, haters, producers, managements and labels designed for selling and cashing in every desired currency. Where i speak out loud and everyone of you can, must see this truth too, that for at least the last 20 passed years i see it's not on being fresh but on being cash and sort-like incest world :P We start parties in Australia, all of the sudden we adopt Australian producers, which on itselve is just fine as they came up the same way we did by themselves but no can do probably or whatever the problem was before :P Maybe now you catch the drift as i mean stay foccused on your own measuring rod since that has to be 100% at first after that we will and some must follow due to the fact we can't deny the beat, the flow or the other X you will define in your own sound ;)


Deze keer zeg je wel nuttige dingen, wat dat betreft, top! Maar alsjeblieft, je hoeft niet allerlei filosofische dingen erbij te betrekken.

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