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Websites you should undoubtly check:

Broken Minds official site
Da Tweekaz official site
Largest hardcore/gabber archive online
Best quality possible hardcore, hardstyle, dnb, techno, trance
Music search & request place
fresh House music albums
0day Trance music downloads
0day Techno music downloads
Oldest alive hardcore/hardstyle board
Hardcore/Hardstyle torrent tracker
Lossless DNB releases, labels, FLAC
FLAC Techno paradise

Comments ( 54 )
Board doesn't let anyone log in for days. Anyone have info?
NEWSFLASH Today we , the red people of Speakershock, can tell: WE ARE BACK In BUSINESS AGAIN and we will never give up on SpeakerShock! To know the complete story, visit our beloved forum again and read the SSK-Saga.
Is there any possible way for a registration/invite?
Yes but not four you :D
sure! still interested?
Someone know what happend with 0xxx ?!
nothing, join pornolab and get fun for free.

As mentioned below, the domain has changed

you can find more info on the website about what happened

1g admin and me decided to remove each other's backlinks because they aren't the same niche

Nothing ? What means nothing ? For me the site is down for the last week. Pornolab maybe good, but i dont understand a single word there :). Any infos about 0xxx.in would be nice......
What you need to translate lol, click any link and you will get porn, pff, or just use translate.google, and your problem is solved.
....and pornlab is torrent (p2p) :(....
and? is it a problem? LOL
I know how the web works belladona, and nothing is easier to get xxx stuff. I had the hope that someone here had infos about 0xxx.in. No need for your LOL´S and pfff´s. Have a nice day :).
Hello who can invite me to corebay [email protected] Thank you so much
What is the best site all the edm ID's in the extended version
What happend to hardbay.club ?
I have to ask as well, does anybody know what happened to Hardbay.club?
I'd recommend anyone who was part of hardbay to move to soulseek. It's not perfect, but it's a way that we can hopefully pull at least some of the content together again...
What happens to SpeakerShock? from 1.1.19 its offline :/
HHZ wrote:
What happens to SpeakerShock? from 1.1.19 its offline :/
just checked, it works fine
we are making some changes. there might be soem off time, but we will be back in full effect soon!
After a lot of work our new board is up and running! Hopefully no more down time! Grtz the Speakershock crew!
where can i find some jump up ? you have here 3site where you van find a few labels & ep but it's not enough thank you
lossless-music.org looks good and has some things to offer but administration is a sick ill-behaved Russian retard with severe mental problems. Probably there has been capable administration before because with his lame 4Chan-English he surely did not write the information text on lossless file formats on the website himself. Leech what you like but do not support it!
LOL also lot of the descriptions of the releases are copied straight from Discogs reviews.
House Music site ?
anyone know high quality movie download sites
Hope to see one day HardBay alive again!
First of all thanks a lot for this amazing site, using it for well over a decade now. Few questions coming up now that I imagined just ask only don't know what's the best place: 1) What to request other labels or releases that are not found? 2) Any sites known to download techno and (deep)house? The ones mentioned miss many releases.

SpeakerShock is down ?


26.04.2023...Speakershock is down for several days now.
Does anyone know what's the problem?


>Broken Minds and Da Tweekaz official sites

Wtf why? Are they 1Gabba supporters? Haha


SpeakerShock gone forever might as well scratch it off the list.


But why? They didn't say anything about that. One day the forum is on...the next day the forum is off and no one knows why.


They had a poll on the side saying should we shut down or carry on. They obviously shut down.


Yes there was a poll...but everyone said "carry on". No one said "yes shut down the board". Why they ask the members to shut down or not, if they close the board anyway, no matter what the result of the poll was?


It's gone either way... go on corebay irc and ask damager for an invite I'm sure he'll let you in. Speakershock was a bag of shit anyway.

Lol. You got banned you little leecher?

No was just a pure dead site with only about 4 uploaders as for corebay they have a script thatcauto uploads all new releases of all genres l.


comment contacter Damager ?? merci


Speakershock is down.

Speakershock is still alive. We only missed a memo. Hope to see you back asap. /me waves and smiles at the haters. Grtz the SSK crew.

Well, to this day, it still does not work(((


Which one? Little bullshitter haha


Speakershock is down for me too :(


Check again.


SSK is back online shitheads :D


Hi all. Цhat happened to corebay?


I can no longer submit a release. Is this normal?


anyone have any decent sites for uk garage / new dubstep / 2step / bass tracks dark 140bpm

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