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Website you should undoubtly check:

Largest hardcore/gabber archive online
Best quality possible hardcore/hardstyle/dnb/dubstep
Best and largest hardcore/hardstyle board
Oldest alive hardcore/hardstyle board
Hardcore/Hardstyle torrent tracker
Music search & request place
1gabba infosite
Lossless DNB 2017 releases, labels, FLAC

Comments ( 19 )
Board doesn't let anyone log in for days. Anyone have info?
NEWSFLASH Today we , the red people of Speakershock, can tell: WE ARE BACK In BUSINESS AGAIN and we will never give up on SpeakerShock! To know the complete story, visit our beloved forum again and read the SSK-Saga.
Is there any possible way for a registration/invite?
Yes but not four you :D
sure! still interested?
Someone know what happend with 0xxx ?!
nothing, join pornolab and get fun for free.

As mentioned below, the domain has changed

you can find more info on the website about what happened

1g admin and me decided to remove each other's backlinks because they aren't the same niche

Nothing ? What means nothing ? For me the site is down for the last week. Pornolab maybe good, but i dont understand a single word there :). Any infos about 0xxx.in would be nice......
What you need to translate lol, click any link and you will get porn, pff, or just use translate.google, and your problem is solved.
....and pornlab is torrent (p2p) :(....
and? is it a problem? LOL
I know how the web works belladona, and nothing is easier to get xxx stuff. I had the hope that someone here had infos about 0xxx.in. No need for your LOL´S and pfff´s. Have a nice day :).
Hello who can invite me to corebay [email protected] Thank you so much
What is the best site all the edm ID's in the extended version
What happend to hardbay.club ?

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