Why Rapidgator ?

Zippyshare/Mega/MediFire/etc are good filehostings just for your one-time leech needs of small files (usually limited up to 100mb) because they delete files after 30 days of inactivity. Rapidgator (as well as uploaded.to, alfafile, hitfile and some others) keeps files for YEARS.

Zippyshare is blocked in some counties: Germany, United Kingdom, and Spain (for now)

Also Zippyshare, Mega, MediFire, DropBox etc - have limits in max file size, overall space for files, slow uploading speed (no FTP support) unlike Rapidgator.

After some abuses from copyright-owners to Mega, Dropbox, Zippyshare they delete uploader's account and all uploaded files, unlike other filehostings.

But in this case, I have to keep reuploading everything every couple of months for other 1-2 leechers that vanish asap they get what they missed.

It's perfectly possible to download from Rapidgator as free user - yes, it's slow, it has a cooldown, but still possible.

All those nubbish "omg, I get virus warning" - it's just another filehost site (quite popular & reliable one w/o profit shit or smth), not warez or porn site, you don't have to download and run some executables, you just retrieve uploaded packed files with audio content there. Usually, antivirus alerts you not about Rapidgator itself, but various advertising popup windows within it.

So get a bit of brains and add an exception rule in yer mighty anti-virus software or just uninstall it (it's pretty much of a virus by itself, slowing down and wtf doing/lurking in the netz in the background - just avoid truly unreliable sites).

Torrents are red flags for ISP and others. Torrenting carries risks. If you torrent copyrighted material, there’s a chance the authorities will catch and punish you. Governments and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) work to make life difficult for people who torrent media files and pirate software. Some ISPs, in the UK for instance, block access to some torrenting-related websites. It’s incredibly easy for ISPs and copyright holders to catch people who haven’t taken precautions sharing copyrighted material. Finding this information within any torrenting client software is easy. Copyright holders and ISPs therefore only need monitor the activity on popular files to be led straight to the IP addresses of those downloading the files or making them available to others. This is enough information to lead to the front door of the person with the internet connection involved. It is also often sufficient to kick off a legal challenge. Copyright trolls track down people downloading copyrighted material. Some work independently. Others have arrangements with copyright holders, who support their efforts to secure settlements with people who have downloaded their copyrighted material illegally.

Basically when you download torrents you are a seeder yourself which makes it possible for others who are downloading the same torrent to get your IP with a single click (yea, single click not joking). This leads to our second point i.e. Getting problems with the law !! yes in places like the USA, Germany, Austria, UK where content protection laws are quite strong and police or copyright trolls actually take action on such stuff. This has happened many times and they basically find you using your IP that gets leaked while you download torrents.

rapidgator sitelock check
According to online safety services - Rapidgator is safe for browsing, you can check it yourself:
Google Safe Browsing diagnostic pageThis site is not currently listed as suspicious. No, this site has not hosted malicious software over the past 90 dayCheck again
Trend Micro Site Safety CenterThe latest tests indicate that this URL contains no malicious software and shows no signs of phishingCheck again
Norton Safe Webfound no issues with this siteCheck again
McAfee SiteAdvisorHere's how we rated the files you can download from this site - 100% safeCheck again
Sucuri SiteCheckNo Malware Detected by External ScanCheck again

For free downloading just click little button "Slow download", and not big one "DOWNLOAD".


Comments ( 49 )
Clicking the small download button doesn't work for me :( WTF HELP i cant download..
watch video on youtube
I did.. the freaking button never appears, it says (..waiting for download link)
seriously people cannot work out how to press DL wtf ?
Surely the rapidgator is the best host to keep the files alive. In others services, I've seen inactives files simply killing many and many sites. For example, here may exist files uploaded after 1 year and still on line to downloading, in the case, shared on rapidgator. Keep the good work and long life for 1gabba.net. The music is moving
few weaks ago wanted to scream and yell "firedrive" here , good thing i didnt it was great and awesome, the even made a mobile app and then vanished from this planet. ok I dont need it to be fast but i would like the possibillity of cuuing them (part 1 part2 part3 to avoid missing one) tried different approaches all failed (wget , pyload, macrorecord,...) any one a working greasemonkey or ahk script or just something to "ring a bell" when the wait time has passed the cooldown has passed or enter this goddamn captcha now or you can wait another hour ? 2 files i use a socks2sshtunnel to my the account on a server at work. we could also decide to help the uploaders a bit and make magnet links for the stuff we decide to download. and share them here. you can limit them on 5kb/s and the uptime might not be 100% but it doesnt require interaction from the downloader, and gets the job done asswell. dont know exactly how it would work for rapidgater or ul but you can add online storage as a seeder to the torrent. wich would make them presistend 4ever and would directly link everything here and on everyhost togheter (as in :seeders 12 leechers 5 or seeders 1 leechers 0 please redownload from url... and seed) ps i share some shit i downloaded from here and some other shit on soulseek (slsk.org) already. if you want i make a folder for the stuf i got here along with a list of urls and checklists of the corresponding page here. Im mostly online exept for weekends and you can find me as user 2weak (and starting now and probably as only one in the 1gabba.net room , if im still the only one within a week i will delete the room (dont want to clutter the list wit inactive rooms) cheers [email protected]
Good thing you explained the use of Rapidgator and Uploaded here. Sounds convincing.
My opinion... questionable but I think in this mode. Uploaded is still good, both speed and wait by using the registered account or free is good (then wait three hours for a file is ridiculous). Then Rapidgator not talk about it, it's embarrassing for both low speed and for the long wait between a file and another. Much better zippy in both cases
non sence what you talking. simply buy a premium account or look throu the net for a premium account or a premium generator.
Now atop of all "benefits" (2 mins waiting before captcha, captcha, 50 KB/sec speed, 2 hours CD bwtween d/ls) they force a pop-up ad tab when trying to enter captcha :S Ofc it's sort of fixable by adding those sites to Windows' "hosts" file but wtf seriously. Also after 4-5 downloads of some 10-50 MB singles it says "gtfo, boy, your daily limit exceeded", lol. Premium link generators might be ok for some mega/label packs (if you manage actually to find working one for those 900 MB chunks) but clicking ads for some fckers' benefit each time just to get some lone scene release - that's pathetic. From all filehosts around are there really no alternative to rapidgator (at least for singles' download purposes) that keeps files long enough and don't troll non-premium users in every way imaginable?
jDownloader or plowdown for linux
Why don't you just buy a premium account ? Think about it man, the price is the same as a single pizza from your local pizzaria or buying a single record from your local record store, for leeching all the newest releases at full speed for a month, no matter if you got a 10 Mbit or 1 Gbit connection. Most other DDL sites also use UL... just spend a few minutes searching on google, and you can build up a list of sites where you can get absolutely anything you want from UL, without ever exposing your IP to various copyright trolls.
Thanks. Those lamers should be happy they can things for free at all.
Join any scene related torrent tracker and get everything without limits. But best way is get everything for free @ googleplay.
First of all - thanks a lot for sharing. However.... Seriously? Rapidgator? There are other host these days that don't require 120 sec wait, 50 kb/s download speed and few downloads per day. To be honest, to me it looks like you want to earn money for downloads, nothing more! Shame on you! And don't tell me to buy a premium account - I'm not giving my money to those hosts! Please chose other hosts.
Just use link generators if you're not willing to pay for a premium account :P
other dead hosts like megaupload, hotfile, filesonic, uploading.com, etc ? or hosts like mega, mediafire, dropbox, depositfiles which ban accounts for abuses ? or one-year hosts which like to disappear suddenly? or hosts like zippy, wetransfer, etc with 30 days file life ? if you don't want to pay for premium - then say thanks , shut up and download for free.
hey man, support artists - buy music in webshops. we have trusted and worked for many years solutions and not gonna change anything until force majeure. enjoy.
Provide me with at least one that works properly. I haven't seen any!
"Slow" doesn't begin to describe Rapidgator and Uploaded for free users. They're cancer and people only use them because they supposedly pay more. When someone's only links Rapidgator and Uploaded that's a sign he's a greedy d-bag that doesn't care about you. Kinda curious if this message even goes through, the lack of negative comments is suspicious.
Why dont you give a filehoster that has long retention (> 60 days) and doesnt care about DMCA.

sometimes 60 days turn to years:

wow, that's pretty remarkable. IMO the worst thing about rapidgator is not the transfer speed, but that they make you wait 3 minutes before showing you the captcha, then only give you a moment to solve it before it expires. if you get distracted you have to wait hours before trying again. but the minor inconvenience is far outweighed by the longevity of its files. it's good to offer other hosts which are more user friendly, but I'm happy to fall-back on rapidgator when the others fail. RG is consistently the last-man-standing.
some people also using jdownloader, some other using plowdown (python) with or without captcha solver services...
i'll definitely check them out if i ever have to do heavy downloading from RG, thanks. --- and thanks for serving up warez to the public over so many years. you've worked hard for us anons :)
What more retrograde opinion you have! Unfortunately no progress is made! Maybe it will last for years but it is expensive to buy the premiun and after two hours download the other half of the disc! pathetic!Fast and slow servers! Who chooses who wants!
You should not delete the comments of the others each one has the right to express freely, also banned by comment zi py is stupid, you will not like but the others if nobody likes to buy premiun accounts for only 9 mb if you have a page of free downloads So you're fucking buying in webshops if the music is expensive is pathetic hosting music on servers that are no longer used and put advertising to servers you do not like that you win with that, you will gain with rapidgator only to force others to buy, Then it is no longer free download, if you do not like the free download, stop fucking with stupid rules
anonymous wrote:
You should not delete the comments of the others each one has the right to express freely
it's a private website, i can do/delete anything i want, freely express yourself on your facebook page...
jesus dude, take a breath once in a while.
I prefer Depositfiles. More dependable for me than Rapidgator ever is.
I can't even download anything from Rapidgator because each and every single download will always fail and stop downloading no matter how many times I'll try and resume it or which website and download manager I try. I bought a Premium account just to get all those Hardstyle packs but no luck on them even downloading. Does anyone know why that is? A month Premium subscription isn't much but I feel as if I've wasted the money as I can't get use out of it.
Not rapidgator's fault for sure, it's definitely your ISP/connection to blame. Otherwise you'd see walls of complains since it's the only filehost used for reuploads here. It's typical to get a random interrupt when one's d/ling some big file from rapidgator using VPN/Tor but it's a pretty solid rock sure connection when one doesn't use these IP changing/faking tricks. Contact rapidgator's support why its premium's "Support for resuming downloads" feature doesn't work for you.
Ho i didn't see this subject. I understand now. It's slow, but it will be ok if there was not ht limited slots. I mean, 1 file per hour, it's unusable. It's not nice to say this kind of things when we see all the work you are doing, I know, but it's so frustrating... Why not using rapidgator for long time save + another one for short time but with no limitations?
please share-online
When i want to download something from rapidgenerator, it says "only available for premium users" even though i clicked the download for non-premium users. this problem occurred only recently because a few weeks ago everything worked fine. it is not because i havent waited 2 hours, or something like that. it just seems that rapidgenerator now only allows downloads for premium users. is this a problem from rapidgenerator, or is it a problem with my computer? please respond...
my bad i clicked the wrong button lol, it used to work with that button, but now it doesn't, but the other button works just fine. apologies lol
Rapidgator is terrible as it is not user friendly at all and does not attract customers. its free download speed is set at the lowest possible speed there is which is not a good enticement for new people. In fact with mega which is totally free you can download 1.5g in the time it takes for rapidgator to download 20mb. I have had rapidgator premium and it is still slower than mega
De helden Rapidgator nemen niet toe en hun service is nog steeds in Turbobit. Het is niet erg goed voor gebruikers, maar Rapidgator heeft een goede service. Ik bedoel, welke wil je betalen? Je weet het goed. Er is een prachtige tuin van de Patriarchale Patriarch. Waarom zouden managers de dekking moeten accepteren die ze gebruiken? Ze worden feitelijk gesponsord door Rapidgator. Als alles naar ZipShare wordt geüpload, heeft 1 GB geen bestandslimiet en geen voordelen voor het behoud van de taak. Houd er rekening mee dat de beheerder de beste waarde voor u biedt.
Just use Torbrowser for unlimited downloads. Request new vpn/ip in TOR. EzAf
The important thing is the intention, it is also free, and then in my case is very much appreciated, because in my country it is difficult to get such good music at an affordable price, thanks brother and greetings from Mexico!
It is certainly appreciated by all... but no denying rapidgator is the number one worst choice of host. Staggeringly confusing as why it is used here
In Russia RG is not available now.
Foxx wrote:
In Russia RG is not available now.
use VPN, blocked by Roskomnadzor - https://reestr.rublacklist.net/record/1428250/
In Russia RG is not available now. https://reestr.rublacklist.net/record/1428250/ - doesn't work too.
just a protip if you might've missed the captcha on rg don't do it because it only locks you out after you submit it if you go to the previous page it won't count, at least it hasn't for me, so I guess try that if you had another tab or window open and you're not sure if you got to it in time, or if you forgot or something
why we cant use https://krakenfiles.com? maybe it can be an alternative...
"we" LOL Go, build up an own giant file sharing site and use, whatever trash that is, Krakenfiles. Good luck!
thanks for your answer! I am a it specialist. Can i help to build up a sharing site? who is responsible for whom I can contact?
is rapidgator premium safe? i wanna buy it but all of reseller's site looks fake

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