New design and new features

Some weeks ago we launched a new design.
It's a bit late, but below are new features of new 1gabba:

  1. New menu - now all site categories, pages, lists, etc are situated in one place - top menu
  2. Quick search now accessible at the top of all pages of the website
  3. Added rating system, this 10-point system allows to rate any published release
  4. Added polls
  5. New reuploads block, which indicates recently reuploaded releases
  6. New special block and page, which contains various special collections and megapacks
  7. New labels page, which contains all label collections from the website
  8. New category tabs, which sort out releases by hardcore/hardstyle, hot, most commented releases and top rated releases
  9. Added possibility to anonymous users submit exclusive non-scener stuff

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