Oct 2012
320 kbps
475 mb
non scener
WebHardcoreFear FMHardcore Top 40
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Style....: Hardcore
Source...: WEB
Quality..: 320kbps / 44kHz
Songs....: 40
Size.....: 475.90 MB
Length...: 03:27:36

01. Masters Elite – Tied by Sound (Official Syndicate Anthem)
02. Tommyknocker Ft. the Wishmaster – Supernatural
03. Ophidian & D-Passion – The Line Against the Night
04. Tha Playah – The Impact
05. Nosferatu & Endymion Ft. Mc Ruffian – The Message
06. Anime – A-Bomb
07. Neophyte With The Viper – Never Worried
08. Tha Playah & MC Alee – Always Right (Hellsystem Remix)
09. Tommyknocker – Today Is The Day
10. Tommyknocker – T-2012
11. Anime – Rock for Real
12. Endymion & Nosferatu – Uphold the Future
13. Ophidian & D-Passion – Breathe
14. Negative A & Counterfeit – Run
15. Dione & Ruffneck – Hellburner
16. Neophyte & the Viper – Peace
17. The Outside Agency & Ophidian – The Shadows
18. Evil Activities & Panic feat. Mc Alee – Never Fall Asleep (Tha Playah Remix)
19. Kasparov – Around The World
20. Javi Boss ft. MC Tha Watcher – Destiny Today
21. T-Junction Ft. Decipher & Shinra – Posession
22. D-Passion – Good Memories
23. Traxtorm Gangstaz Allied – Hardcore Italia (Original Mix)
24. Counterfeit – Path of Recovery
25. Evil Activities – It's Ok
26. The Stunned Guys – Dancefloor Dictator
27. Juanma – Remember My Name (Hellsystem Remix)
28. Mad Dog – Agony
29. Pandorum Ft. Ruffneck – Bitcore
30. Nexes – Wither Away
31. Komarovski – Defined By Death
32. Promo – Eradicate
33. Endymion – Anarchy
34. Nitrogenetics – Pledge of Resistence (Angerfist Remix)
35. Promo – Open (feat. Tha Playah & Snowflake)
36. D-Passion – Dispel the Darkness
37. Angerfist & Outblast feat. Mc Tha Watcher – Catastrophe (Official Dominator Anthem)
38. Angerfist – Buckle Up & Kill
39. Evil Activities & E-Life – World of Madness (Defqon 1 2012 Ost)
40. Embryonic – Learn to Love Again

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Comments ( 11 )

Thanks! I look forward to this every month.


Brofist for galaxy tab :)


02. Tommyknocker Ft. the Wishmaster – Supernatural BOOBS AHAHHAHAHAHA


Incredible how corrupted by mainstream and soft hardcore is now Tommyknocker i cant believe it...


No Paul Elstak & Partyraiser??? Top 40 of Hardcore shit!! :(


Hahahaha the people who makes this list are commercial hardcore lovers. Its normal not to see powerful hardcore here ;D (there are some exceptions on this list but, rest is shit...)


Zippy links Part.1-3


Thank you very much adamdh !


You're welcome! ;)


evrything gets commercialised thease days the sheep look to the herder the herder looks to the out siders and the ppl that hate !!! when we change our style coz the chedderish pish that clearly disny "rok" takes hold of the underground ppl follow suit coz ther warpt into i AM a normal individual "haha" let it be, nothin ye can do!!!!. but bitch complain!(cwot3) >>>>>>>>>> thease "top 40s fae internet radio's are well good for the dinamics and sound chiose for diversity " oot a this top 40 u can produce a top 10 of yer own and if ye cant make more than 5 diff compilations matched to each individual kick and bass key thn get off the screen u produce nothing productive here ! look at house haha now tampering with jumpstylee laid back look... strange!!!!!! mass wave lenth of simple minds HAAAA.... shokkt to see gabber dab on dnb. the idea of dub steb crossed buttt buuttttt "stutter" dub throo with hardcore precicley reggae to say but the only ppl with enough of the "real studo" time that u would be sick over if u seen the bill !!!!!" are ehhh do i need to list the commmmmon gabber studio productioners.. second problem less than 1% of ppl even no what speaker set up they need to produce the new underground distort sound dub and dnb are week ATEMPTS at a new regime wish they never even tryed that cross over reggea dub gabber that works no dnb u acualy become a robot during the song that should never happen get tae fuck


^^^ and anyone read this wall of shame?

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