Hide free releases option

Hello, today started testing new option to hide free releases from frontpage.

How it works.


Free releases here meant to be releases that can be downloaded for free from oficial artist website/s, like soundclous, facebook, etc.
They also includes livesets, podcasts, etc.

Filtering work only at frontpage and all it's pages. So browsing Hardcore category you will see ALL releases independent of your choice.

To start filtering free releases just go to in the right sidebar below second block, there "Hide releases?" block.
Check "Free" and click "Apply" button.
The system will remember your choice.


To remove filtering uncheck "Free" and click "Apply" button.

Sometimes after changing this option you should wait some time to see effect, because of caching pages.

Have fun.

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nice work!, i don't need the feature "Hide releases?" ,but thank for the new tab at the top - "Free" No more nagging people here about ignoring SOB_INT \0/ :D
Hey what is wrong with the site? When i turnt in "Hardstyle Genre" to site 2, it comes not the regular List? And 1gabba.org is offline. Will you get down in the future? Hope not...
Root wrote:
When i turnt in "Hardstyle Genre" to site 2, it comes not the regular List?
i didnt understand this at all

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