Sep 2018
320 kbps
10 mb
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...the age of wisdom
    ...     ..      ..         ...     ..      ..            ...         
  x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:     x*8888x.:*8888: -"888:      .x888888hx    : 
 X   48888X `8888H  8888    X   48888X `8888H  8888     d88888888888hxx  
X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>  X8x.  8888X  8888X  !888>   8" ... `"*8888%`  
X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- X8888 X8888  88888   "*8%- !  "   ` .xnxx.    
'*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   '*888!X8888> X8888  xH8>   X X   .H8888888%:  
  `?8 `8888  X888X X888>     `?8 `8888  X888X X888>   X 'hn8888888*"   > 
  -^  '888"  X888  8888>     -^  '888"  X888  8888>   X: `*88888%`     ! 
   dx '88~x. !88~  8888>      dx '88~x. !88~  8888>   '8h.. ``     ..x8> 
 .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  .8888Xf.888x:!    X888X.:  `88888888888888f  
:""888":~"888"     `888*"  :""888":~"888"     `888*"    '%8888888888*"   
    "~'    "~        ""        "~'    "~        ""         ^"****""`     
...Moniti Meliora Sequamur presents:


________________________[ = Release Info = ]____________________________

PERFORMER--=]-: Dr Peacock & Repix ft. Da Mouth Of Madness                                                 
TITLE------=]-: Rise & Shine (15 Years BKJN Anthem)                                                  
LABEL------=]-: Peacock Records                                                
CAT. NR----=]-: PCR075                                                  
GENRE------=]-: Hardcore                                                  
TRACKCOUNT-=]-: 01                                                     
DATE-------=]-: Sep-12-2018                                                  
QUALITY----=]-: LAME - 320 Kbps - 44,1 Khz - Joint-Stereo
SOURCE-----=]-: WEB                                                 
LINK-------=]-: https://play.google.com

___________________[ = Some Words From The Crew = ]_____________________

Be secure... Ad Infinitum !

__________________________[ = Tracklist = ]_____________________________

01  Dr Peacock & Repix ft. Da Mouth Of Madness - Rise & Shine (15 Years BKJN Anthem) [04:45]

Playtime : 04:45 Min
Size     : 10.9 MB

__________________________[ = Final Words = ]___________________________

                     We salute the following groups:
             -=gEm=- -=wAx=- -=1KING=- -=TSP=- -=QMI=- -=hM=-

                              In Memoriam
        -=SQ=- -=HB=- -=TGX=- -=KTMP3=- -=UKHx=- -=POW=- -=DOC=-

_____________________[ = Moniti Meliora Sequamur = ]____________________

...From The Ashes We Rise

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Comments ( 12 )

15 years and this crap for the anthem? What a shame!


The whole bkjn is utter crap.


Its Dr Peacock, what do you expect, a guy getting millions of plays on his tracks for putting a kickdrum over a piece of real music and people love it like he is some kind of genius.


Right... I guess your opinion applies the same to Sefa, right?


Yes. But I have to admit even though they both don't deserve the popularity they got, Sefa is the better of the two. Just compare the production quality, obvious.


Sefa is way more creative with his sound design and has a lot of "100% selfmade" tracks. He mostly uses melodies from old classical pieces. You can't really compare these two...


it bafles me howmany peopel listen to him too. i'm going on a limp here but it's not a stretch to imagine those ppl us drugs.


If you guys think thats all about drugs... You're wrong!!!!! You guys never see those guys live on a festival i think. It's one big party you never forget... And so what they use real music... There are more people who like this style of music.... For example FreeStyle.... 80's 90's ect. with a hard kick... And they earn money because people like it. If YOU don't, leave people in their standards and values and listen the music what you like.... PEACE OUT


It says a lot about the people who like this shitty, un-creative, unskilled music doesn't it. And people wonder why track lengths are now 3 minutes long, because people are so dumbed down they don't have the concentration to listen to anything more complex for more than 2 minutes.


Well what did you expect? An anthem that is on the same level as dominator, HOH, MOH, airforce and syndicate, bkjn anthems has no comparison with all of them.


Both Sefa and Peacock suck. Case closed.


Amen, lord have mercy.

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