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    "~'    "~        ""        "~'    "~        ""         ^"****""`
...Moniti Meliora Sequamur presents:

              Nosferatu - Approach To Midnight  Sampler 1

________________________[ = Release Info = ]____________________________

PERFORMER--=]-: Nosferatu
TITLE------=]-: Approach To Midnight  Sampler 1
LABEL------=]-: Neophyte Records
CAT. NR----=]-: NEO201
GENRE------=]-: Hardcore
DATE-------=]-: 03.14.2019
QUALITY----=]-: LAME - 320kbps - 44,1Khz - Joint Stereo
SOURCE-----=]-: WEB

___________________[ = Some Words From The Crew = ]_____________________
iNTERNAL because all tracks full on retail release

Be secure... Ad Infinitum !

__________________________[ = Tracklist = ]_____________________________

01 Nosferatu & Angerfist Ft. Nolz - Gates Of Oblivion (Extended M[04:40]
02 Nosferatu & Alee - Approach To Midnight (Extended Mix)        [05:57]
03 Nosferatu & Ophidian - Eyes Closed To The Dark (Extended Mix) [07:07]
04 Nosferatu & DJ Mad Dog - Weapon Of Choice (Extended Mix)      [04:47]
05 Nosferatu - The Pain (Extended Mix)                           [05:07]

Playtime : 27:38 Min
Size     : 63,35 MB

__________________________[ = Final Words = ]___________________________

                     We salute the following groups:
             -=gEm=- -=wAx=- =1KING=- -=TSP=- -=QMI=- -=hM=-

                              In Memoriam
        -=SQ=- -=HB=- -=TGX=- -=KTMP3=- -=UKHx=- -=POW=- -=DOC=-

_____________________[ = Moniti Meliora Sequamur = ]____________________

...From The Ashes We Rise

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Comments ( 11 )

Finally!,I like these producers!


Bro.. these tracks been out since Approach to Midnight cd release.


Is there any difference? 3->7sec longer


None when compared to the tracks on the cd.


wat does Album Sampler means ?


Years ago if you had an album on CD, few tracks from album were released on, for example 2 x 12". and rest was released on another 12" releases called samplers, looks for older albums by black sun empire on discogs for reference.

It was fine when it was on vinyl. But now it's just for money coz WEB, lol.

Okay, some samplers had remixes but not always.


Yeah it made sense back then. You could generally find the strongest tracks from a CD on a later released sampler vinyl, and usually there would be slight edits/changes to keep the tracks fresh. Whats the point now? So you can have exact replicated digital files? It is funny that artists and labels follow the same behavior as in the vinyl era, yet they aren't willing to lose a few $$$ by pressing vinyl.... Who the fuck cares about a file sitting amongst 3 million other files of music.... A record is cherished by it's owner as an item of use, of envy, and they at least made sure the music they were pressing on to that vinyl better be good, or that's a a $$$ lost on manufacturing. Who gives a fuck if nowadays, no $$$ investment means "who-gives-a-fuck if it's shit music, a few will buy it anyway and it cost me nothing other than the 25 minutes it took to produce the track" ALSO, a vinyl release meant you got 2-6 tracks EVERY release, often even building a certain tone/atmosphere for each singular release. Now it's mostly just single track releases with throw-away value, and shit like this 'sampler' which isn't even physical, and everyone already has the entire album either in physical or digital. I actually have to give kudos to nosferatu and neophyte records for at leas releasing SOMETHING I can actually hold!


Beleura still out here writing crazy paragraphs


Sometimes i worry about dude


for those who saying whats the point of this since they are already on the album these are longer versions Nosferatu & Ophidian - Eyes Closed To The Dark (Extended Mix) [07:07 on the album its 3 mins and am glad they done this because I wanted a longer version of this


On the CD release it's full tracks though. So if you have the CD release you have no need for these samplers, because you already have the full tracks.

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