Nov 2019
320 kbps
230 mb
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       RIP DATE   : 13-11-2019
       ARTiST     : Rooler
       LABEL      : Aggressive Records
       CAT.NUMBER : ARCD001
       QUALITY    : 320 kbps / 44.1 kHz / Full Stereo
       SiZE       : 230.65MB

       GENRE      : Techno
       TRACKS     : 27
       SOURCE     : WEB
       URL        :


     TRACKNAME  :                                                 TiME:  

   01. Rooler - INTRO (Original Mix)                                 1:17
   02. Rooler & Dr Phunk - GET LOUDER (Original Mix)                 4:08
   03. Rooler & Sickmode - GANG (Original Mix)                       3:21
   04. Rooler - VIP (Original Mix)                                   3:30
   05. Rooler - DRKNSS (Original Mix)                                4:57
   06. Rooler - ONETWO (Original Mix)                                3:26
   07. Act Of Rage - THE INFAMOUS (ROOLER REMIX)                     4:35
   08. Rooler - THE RULES (Original Mix)                             5:14
   09. Rooler - DROPPIN' LIKE (Original Mix)                         3:17
   10. Rooler - SKIT (DOMINATION RETRO MIX) (Original Mix)           0:54
   11. Rooler & Nolz - STRAIGHT OUTTA FUTURE (Original Mix)          4:50
   12. Rooler - ATTITUDE (Original Mix)                              4:07
   13. Rooler & Caine - WORTHLESS (Original Mix)                     3:13
   14. Rooler - WHEN IS THE DROP (Original Mix)                      3:11
   15. Rooler - VIOLENCE (AGGRESSIVE ACT REMIX)                      2:55
   16. Rooler - MARTYR (ANDEREX REMIX)                               4:04
   17. Rooler & Rebelion - DROP THIS (Original Mix)                  5:04
   18. Rooler - DAMNATION (UNKIND REMIX)                             4:06
   19. Aggressive Act - FIRST BLOOD (Original Mix)                   3:35
   20. Rooler & Gyze - MONSTER (Original Mix)                        3:51
   21. Rooler - EXTINGUISH (RIOT SHIFT REMIX)                        3:58
   22. Rooler - SKIT (YES! RETRO MIX) (Original Mix)                 0:47
   23. Rooler - NDLSS (Original Mix)                                 4:50
   24. Rooler & Sefa - REMEMBER THE NAME (Original Mix)              3:54
   25. Rooler & N-Vitral - GET BACK (Original Mix)                   3:57
   26. Rooler - DOMINATION (SEFA REMIX)                              2:43
   27. Rooler - OUTRO (Original Mix)                                 1:04

       NOTES  :


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Comments ( 23 )

Avarage album, lot of tracks but too much of the same thing. Mix master a bit cheap. Producers should focus more on quality than quantity.


Can u do it better?


I'm not a producer, they deliver a product I am free to judge it. I don't like it, I say it I move it to another producer.


stupid mentality.
you don't have to be a film director to say that a film is shit...


But your opinion on it doesn't level up to those who actually produce. That's like asking a homeless man what his opinion is of the housing market.


It's not his opinion, it's a fact. If everybody is only allowed to give his point if he is a master in the genre, then you retard would have to shut his dumb mouth his whole entire life, dumbo.


Actually the opinion of the listeners are even more important than producers opinion, becasue listeners are the one who buy CDs (not in this site), stream plays on internet, buy tickets and or if you try to turn on your brain for a minute, you could maybe understand that my or your opinion is really important....Producers make music for a market and guess what...We are the market!!

So once again, avarage album with dozen of copy past tracks which are perfect for idiots like you and Dutches...which are the dumbest.


or as the AR team would say
sorry but you‘re deaf /s


basically its like this: you make 27 tracks, thats a full one hour mix on some generic event if you are faggot or you put 6 of them every booking and ure done, your fanbase hates you and like old tracks, some 0 iq drunk faggots dancing, you get your reward and go home make another copypaste


Funny, he only made 8 solo ones. Rest of them are colabs which have a lot of variation in them


have to agree with the mixing/mastering, like how difficult is it to compare the overall sound of all tracks (get back for example lacks in high end frequencies)


Do you have a example of an album that has more variation? Most of the time albumtracks all sound the same... And like rooler always says "i make shitty music, sausijze broodjes zijn lekker" so who cares? A lot of songs are pretty funky and then extreem raw, perfect for party's!


Phuture noize makes the most diverse stuff in hardstyle imo. Last 2 albums didnt have many tracks, but atleast they were all different


Which ones are the best tracks?


Ain't no best tracks.. It's hardstyle, after all.


best track: none
worst track: all


could sb upload this to a good hoster pls? recaptcha hates vpn :(


Go and learn how to use the internet, dumbo!


das rite boi keep clickin dem fire hydrants and traffic lights yo


I really like this album, RAW to the point


Sounds like you have shitty music taste, hardstyle is voor homos


daarom is dit ook raw en geen hardstyle… noobke dat ge er bent


Exactly! All boms and fire!

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